Best Cars for Students

The fuel price just keeps going up and up, and thankfully car manufacturers have kept the consumers in mind by producing engines fit for the stop and go of city traffic. These cars are perfectly suited for students and young professionals. If you’re in the market, have a look at these babies.



Driving around the city was pretty mundane until German car manufacturer VolksWagen launched the VW UP! in South Africa in 2014. At the moment the 1.0 litre machine is only available in a three door variant in South Africa. Regardless, the little things packs a 200 litre boot which can be extended to 250 litres by removing a secret compartment. For its price range it is one of the best city cars on the list and at 4.6 litres of petrol per 100km, it’s worth every cent in the long run. Hey, friend meet the Top Gear Small Car of the Year Winner.

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Toyota Aygo

The Japanese manufacturer has gone after the Citroën C1 and the Peugeot 108 by smacking a big black X over the grill of a Yaris which has been following a no-carb diet. The Toyota Aygo has limited leg room in the back and small boot space makes for a packed ride, but what the car lacks in cabin space it makes up for in performance. Toyota decided to fit a 69bhp engine which ensures a smooth ride, perky motor noise and low fuel consumption. Because of the car’s low emissions level you will not be paying any carbon tax.

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Hyundai i10

It’s as if Hyundai were in two minds when they made this car. Is it a city car or a straight up hatch back? Perhaps both? Yes and no would be the answer. Regardless of what the car wants to be when it grows up it is definitely worthy of being on this list. The i10 is packed to the brim with space, and the interior is what one would expect form a city car. The scratchy plastic dash and door panels are not worth mentioning in a letter back home from varsity. The engine is a standard 1.0L three cylinder thing and takes around 14.6 seconds to reach 100km/h – which is the industry standard for a small engine.

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Citroën C1

All the way from France (made in the Czec Republic) the Citroën C1 has come to tease us with its pretty sexy interior, limited cabin space and smooth gear changing abilities. The front bumper sports LED running lights which is something manufacturers usually install on their mid-range models. Over all, the car is perfect for a student who wants to be different and whose been partying the last two months instead of studying.

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Kia Picanto

Since the ’40s the South Korean car company has been producing vehicles that could match its German adversaries. Kia’s latest attempt is to take over the city car scene with its revamped Picanto model. Out of all the cars on this list the Picanto has the best boot to cabin space ratio and runs a 1.2 litre engine which adds a bit more power than the others mentioned above. The car is designed to quickly pass to and fro in traffic. The standard model does not come with air-con and you’d have to fork out a bit of cash to have that installed as an extra… this is Africa, so best pay the money or else summer would be hotter than ever.

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Der neue Volkswagen up!

By Shawn Greyling

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