Best Jazz Hotspots in Jozi

If Joburg was a movie the soundtrack would be pure jazz composition. Those sometimes sombre and often exciting notes are what the city was built upon. From Hugh Masekela’s Sophiatown to Miriam Makeba’s Soweto, the place of gold is a world of jazz heritage site.


The Orbit

Unarguably one of the hottest jazz spots in town, The Orbit has shipped its roots from Troyville to Braamfontein in an attempt to pair one of the best music genres with mouth watering cuisine within the confines of the city itself. From improv bebop to smooth styled music, the Orbit boasts it all.

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Nikki’s Oasis

One of the hosts of the Joy of Jazz Festival would be Nikki’s Oasis in Newtown. This eatery boasts a relaxed and intimate vibe which goes hand in hand with the music that’s made here. From live upright bass baritones to hake and chips can be found at Nikki’s.

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The Mix

Sophiatown was the home of jazz during the struggle and its streets were filled with dancing to the sound of trumpets and guitars. Today that spirit is being brought back to life at the Mix, a community and creative hub added on to the Trevor Huddleston Memorial Centre. The music sounds so much sweeter if you know its rich history. Read up about Kofifi, Sophiatown’s other name, and go watch a show at the Mix.

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The Bassline

Lace up those loafers and head to Newtown to one of the oldest music clubs in town. The Bassline has it all: from kwaito gigs to rock shows and everything in between. But we’re here to talk about jazz, right? Right. On most nights one can simply swing by the club and there will be jazz flowing through the air, ready to welcome you inside and get those toes tapping. Quick side note: The Bassline’s only hosting big events now but keep an eye on their Facebook page to see what’s popping.

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By Shawn Greyling

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