Best Places to Adopt a Pet

A friend’s a friend no matter the fur, right? Just to lure you in, Shawn decided to include photos of cats wielding light sabres. Why not give a sheltered pet a new chance at life by visiting one of the many kennels around town?



The Friends Of Rescued Animals is an animal shelter that survives purely on fund-raising and donations from the public. They are pro quality of life and are currently home to around 300 plus dogs and 100 plus cats. FORA is a stepping stone toward an animal’s next (hopefully forever) home. They strive to give these animals as best a quality life while in the shelter’s care.

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We’ve all grown up knowing that the SPCA is a safe haven for neglected animals. But, the fight is getting tougher and tougher each year as more animals have to be put down because of the public’s lack of interest. Instead of buying a dog, adopt one from the SPCA. You know it’s the right thing to do.

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Kitty & Puppy Haven

Situated in Midrand, Puppy & Kitty Haven has been a proud friend to many furry creatures. Check out their Facebook page to get an idea of the little monsters you will be saving soon. It’s settled – you’re getting a new puppy!

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Animal Anti-Cruelty League

The Animal Anti-Cruelty League’s Johannesburg Society was established in 1956. Hundreds of sick and injured animals are treated each week in the AACL’s hospital by qualified and dedicated veterinary staff. Veterinary services are provided for pet owners requiring welfare assistance as well. The AACL provides shelter for many dogs and cats. Pets in their care are mostly strays and animals given up for adoption. We ask that you go check them out. Also, if you can’t save a life, try and donate blankets, food or money to the organisation.

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DogTown SA

Words such as pro-life and animal equality have been the go-to ideals tried and tested by Dogtown SA, a rehab for abused and neglected animals. Due to the nature of the rehabilitation programmes taking place at the centre, visits are by appointment only. These guys are serious about saving our little buddies.

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By Shawn Greyling

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