Best Season To Have Your Wedding!

Choosing a season to have your wedding can be quite a challenge. All seasons have their pros and cons; and depending on your wedding theme, some seasons work better than others. Here is a brief guide to help you choose the best season to have your wedding!

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If you love warm tones of burnt orange, yellow hues, deep reds and golden accents, then autumn is the perfect season to have your wedding. The warmth in the colours tend to highlight the element of romance and love – what better than that for your wedding day? In terms of photography, you are in for a dreamy Disney treat, the autumn colours contrasting your wedding colours will have your photographs looking like a fairytale.

The weather is also a huge pro when it comes to autumn weddings – afternoon temperature highs aren’t summer high nor are evening lows winter low – you get a nice warm afternoon and pleasant chilly evening. However, if you’re not a fan of chilly evening weather or early sunsets, you’ll need to push to have an earlier ceremony or avoid an autumn wedding completely. Plus nights can get chilly enough to require blankets and heaters; this would be something to include in your budget.

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If the idea of an impromptu kiss in the winter rain during your wedding day sounds like the perfect fairytale add-on, then winter might just be your season. Winter has it’s own kind of romance that enhances the craving for closeness and intimacy – what bride and groom aren’t up for intimacy and closeness on their wedding day and marriage overall? With the cold, think luxurious long-sleeved wedding dresses, a cosy warm venue and comfort food – your wedding will have a special place in all your guests’ hearts.

A great bonus about winter weddings is, it is much easier to secure a venue – especially since winter weddings are quite unique and rare. A little birdie tells us some venues and suppliers offer off-season/winter specials, so you can cut on costs for that and splurge on something else (more details on this to follow later). However, if you don’t like the idea of a mostly indoor wedding, potential rain and grey weather then it’s best to avoid a winter wedding.


The spring season symbolises new life, new beginnings and blooming overall. If that sounds like the glass slipper fitting perfectly onto your wedding day, then you Cinderella have found your wedding season! With a Sspring wedding you can be rest assured you won’t be a shortage of beautifully multi-coloured flowers and fabulous toasty weather, perfect for a sleeveless wedding gown with a light scarf in case of a nippy breeze.

With spring you also get pre-season deals on wedding venues and some suppliers will still be offering off season rates and continuing winter deals. So you miss the gloomy weather and still spring into your marriage with some nifty bonuses from your wedding day. However, because life is jealous and we can’t have it all, with spring weddings you have to be weary of unpredictable rain. Be sure to have a rain option available at your venue or be prepared for a wet ceremony – might be romantic for a kiss shot but not ideal for the entire ceremony.


The summer season is deemed the best wedding season, most people love the high temperatures and bright sunshine. Guests are likely to arrive in their party mode and ready to celebrate your love and future together. Our summer is also around the festive season so you could even plan a wedding away or during the week – whichever suits you best. You can also look forward to stunning high-key wedding portraits during summer, just be sure to get a professional photographer so your photographs don’t look washed out or have harsh shadows.

Downside to summer weddings is that most people want a summer wedding so you have to book your venue way in advance to make sure you get it. Also, the summer heat is not ideal for everyone so your budget must include ways to keep your guests cool and refreshed, you don’t want to look back at your wedding photographs and just see sweaty frustrated guests. Being peak season of weddings, keep an eye on your budget – everything is pricer and you don’t want to start your marriage on a broke note.

Other than that, we wish you a beautiful wedding day, and many wonderful years of marriage to follow!

By Cleopatra Shava

Know other seasonal pros and cons we haven’t mentioned? Let us know below!

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