The Best Steakhouses Around Town

No matter the cut, as long as it’s basted and cooked to perfection it’s all good. Here are some of our favourite steak joints around town.



The average restaurant in Johannesburg closes down within the first six months of opening its doors. Well, Wombles is an exception – and has been since 1984. The fact that they have been keeping on as strong as their first customer left satisfied, is proof enough that their steaks are worthy of this list. Our suggestion would be the 300g rump with black pepper sauce and a starch of your choice. Note that all these items are charged for separately.

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For over 40 years the ThunderGun in Northcliff has been serving the best steak in the northern suburbs. The old Gun rocks a classic pub vibe with great food and a brilliant atmosphere. Just a tip, the restaurant fills up quite quickly, every day of the week, in fact – so make sure to book a table in advance. Head over and order the Rump Camembert which comes in 200g or 300g options.

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The Butchershop & Grill

Nothing says fancy quite like being able to pick your own cut of meat from the restaurant’s butcher. From sirloin to fillet it’s all here and everything tastes just as good. All steaks are matured for 21 days to ensure the best quality. Spoil yourself this pay-day and come grab a steak at the Butchershop & Grill in Sandton.

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The Cattle Baron

This is a little known fact – the West Rand has one of the best steakhouses in Johannesburg. Cattle Baron in Little Falls is nestled between big retails shops and is worth the search. Try the 300g Carpet Bag Steak which consists of a fillet pouch filled with Hickory smoked mussels and cheddar cheese or fill it with bacon, Peppadews™ & Feta cheese.

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The Local Grill

500 grams of wet-aged sirloin from one of the top butchers in Southern Africa sounds just like the steak we’ve been looking for. Thankfully the Local Grill in Parkhurst has us covered on that front. The only problem here is, why are you still reading this and not on your way to the steakhouse already?

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