The Best Waffles In Town

Now before writing this piece, I’m a little embarrassed to admit that the best waffles on my list came from Milky Lane. Throwback to childhood days ordering a plain waffle and ice cream and smothering it in the maple, strawberry, blueberry, honey, caramel and who even remembers what other sauces were available. All I knew was that I had to have them all. But the days of drowned waffles are long behind me and I have been forced to become more upmarket in my taste. Not that I’m complaining as I was like princess Jasmine and shown a whole new world.

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I’m certain you’re as surprised as I am at the fact that a restaurant offering burgers, ribs and craft beers in a style reminiscent of Rocco Mamas, would offer waffles. Simple they are not. The savoury style is a meal on its own. Chicken curry; bacon, cheese and mushroom; chourizo, guacamole and cheese are their unusual, but damn delicious, combos. Crispy dough accompanied by bold and rich flavours classes those waffles right up. Of course, they also offer waffles Belgian style but you might go a little more sparingly on the toppings as you have to pay for them individually.


Jo Bean Waffle House

Jo Bean in Northcliff has an interesting array of foods. Two types of breakfast waffles – eggs or berries. There are savoury waffle meals and also hearty, filling, American style tramezzinis, cheesy chips, Philly cheese steaks, burgers and cheese dogs as well as some salads. Then, just as you begin to think that they have forgotten about the sweet stuff , you open up the menu to a page entitled; “Waffle house wafflery” and there you have it – all the sweet waffles you can imagine. If those aren’t enough, you have the option to make up your own. For R49 you get to choose your own treats and sauce with cream or ice cream. I would have to say Jo Bean is a top contender.


Von Pickartz Belgian Waffles

From 27 Boxes to 1 Fox, Von Pickartz is the place to get your syrup traps on (that’s what waffles are!).  The waffles are very affordable and made with real brioche dough. Brioche is a versatile dough that is used for buns, breads, rolls and in this instance, waffles. It’s rich and buttery but not too sweet, so that it can be used for both sweet and savoury dishes. Their menu offers Liege waffles with caramelized sugar that slides beautifully across those crispy golden waffle squares. The russet hued delights come in the Goldilocks sizes – petite, original to extra large – including a stuffed dough option. My knees begin to buckle at the thought of the unique toppings, such as Turkish delight, macadamia nougat and honeycomb to name but a few. Served in a little box you can choose to sit outside and watch the world go by as your worries slowly dissipate under a veil of heavenly crispness. It’s perfect for a casual Saturday, Sunday, Monday – Friday treat.


Café Bruegel Belgian Waffles

I had the pleasure of visiting this cosy little waffle house in Edenvale not so long ago, and I must say, I never knew waffles could be served with such a vast selection of toppings! From unique and different savoury toppings (Cajun Chicken Waffle just to name one off the top of my head), to the sweet and decadent, there is a waffle for everyone and every taste at Café Bruegel Belgian Waffles! I thoroughly enjoyed a Caramel and Banana waffle, topped with two generous dollops of ice cream. Definitely worth the visit!


Roxanne’s Rum Eatery

Head to Fourways. You won’t be sorry. Order the Black Waffles. Don’t ask any questions. Just order and enjoy… Fine. We’ll tell you a bit more. But, only a bit. So, Roxanne’s Rum Eatery serves up these dark chocolate waffles topped with vanilla ice cream and cream mixed with activated charcoal. Yup. Legit charcoal that makes your teeth look all dark after you’ve eaten it. The taste is awesome and the experience meant to share with a friend… and Instagram.


Ciao The Little Eatery

Bubble waffles! Nestled next to Roast and The Venue in Melrose Arch, Ciao sells the Vietnamese dessert known as bubble waffles… which is pretty much waffle batter put in an pocketed iron (have a look at the image below to get a lekker idea of what we’re trying to explain here).


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By Samantha Snedorf

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2 thoughts on “The Best Waffles In Town

  1. Have you tried Woodstock Waffles? They fill em up like a wrap.
    Check @WoodstockWaffles_ on IG.
    They are on Fourways Farmers Market and on Uber Eats

  2. Have you tried the brand new Alice In Wonderland Waffle Shoppe in Walkerville – South of Joburg – they have the best waffles and an amazing fairy trail – based at In The Forest Venue


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