Best Writing Apps For iOS And Android

If you’re an avid writer you know how sometimes inspiration can just hit at the most unexpected times. In those moments all you need these days is your smart phone to type down the idea before it escapes.. unless if you are old school and walk with your journal or notepad ready. If not, here are some great writing apps to make your writing life a breeze! 


iA Writer

With simple design and user-friendly features that allow you to focus on the writing/text without any interface interruptions, iA Writer is one of the most popularly used writing apps. Some of its great writing features include seamless syncing between different devices and certain software programs such as Dropbox or iCloud. There is also an in-document ‘find and replace’ feature as well as an effective highlighting feature. As most reading and writing apps have these days, iA Writer also has a night mode feature.

Compatibility: iOS and Android

Cost: R99.99 


This is a multiple note taking pad, best for those that want to jot down their ideas before they escape them. Some of the features you can expect include the multiple notes pages, intelligent notes that remember when note entries were done, a quick notes section for on-the-go notation, user-friendly/ easy-to-use interface, and regular app updates that are sure to continually improve your app experience.

Compatibility: iOS and Android

Cost: R37.99


This plain text editor has some amazing features that include a Dropbox sync, smart keyboard that is specifically designed for Markdown and includes extra special characters that you may need. It allows you to control the cursor with simple swipe gestures and has an in-app browser that allows you to do some research without having to leave or close the app at all. Another exciting feature you can look forward to using is the folding feature that allows you to hide certain/individual sections of your document while writing.

Compatibility: iOS

Cost: R199.99

Monospace Writer BETA

Built ground up from a designed-for-touch user interface, this is a minimal notes and writing app that comes with some interesting features. Some of these features include being able to organise with hashtags instead of the classic folders, Dropbox cross device syncing, exporting through Markdown i.e. it has copy and paste support for a huge amount of services including WordPress and Tumblr, and supports different formatting/writing styles among other things.

Compatibility: Android

Cost: Free


Drafts 4

This is the easiest way to capture and share text whenever and wherever you are. The app has extensive output options that allow for easy sharing; these include Twitter, Facebook, Mail and Message. If you want to save quickly instead of sharing, you can instantly link and save to your Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote and many more. With multi-step actions and Javascript integration, any workflow is made seamless with Drafts 4.

Compatibility: iOS

Cost: R199.99

Microsoft Word

If not most, then all of us grew/grow up using Microsoft Word for most of our writing – now imagine having the software as an app on your portable smart device? With the friendly user interface you are already accustomed to, using this app is a breeze and downright refreshing. You have access to the same features you would have on the desktop software and with the added easy access to your email attachments, Dropbox and OneDrive Word documents. You can even print using an Airport printer!

Compatibility: iOS and Android

Cost: Free with in-app purchases

Celtx Script

Instead of struggling and wasting time on manually formatting your screenplay, just download Celtx Script and have the formatting automatically done for you so you can focus on the important thing – writing the script. Other automatic formats you won’t have to worry about include audio-plays, stage plays, comic books, and A/Vs. You can even add comments to your scripts for yourself or collaborators. All your work can be backed up and synced online using the Celtx Studio.

Compatibility: iOS

Cost: Free


If you’re a blogger, journalist, novelist, student or just love to write and you write a lot, then look no further than Ulysses. With spell check, autocorrection, dictionary, dictation, search and replace; half your grammar mishaps are automatically eliminated. You also get writing goals and comprehensive text statistics all to enhance your writing experience and productivity. You can export, sync written work and enjoy utilising the clean and distraction-free user interface any writer would appreciate.

Compatibility: iOS

Cost: R379.99

Disclaimer: Cost prices are subject to change.

By Cleopatra Shava

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