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Aromatherapy for Home Use

If you are looking to further your knowledge about aromatherapy for personal or home use, this is the course for you. Discover the rewards of helping family and friends to relax and de-stress. This two day workshop will teach you the basic principles of Aromatherapy and the safe and effective use of 10 essential oils.

Aromatherapy is the use of pure essential plant oils to bring about balance in the body and I have designed this workshop to give you an insightful and fascinating introduction. Aromatherapy for Home Use will allow you to safely explore aromatherapy to use on yourself, your family and friends. The class is very ‘hands-on’, covering the safe use of essential oils, doing simple and non-evasive massage and making body oils and other aromatherapy gifts.

Dates: Saturday, 2nd and Sunday, 3rd of August 2008
Venue: The Cansa Association, 1 Saxonwold Dr, Saxonwold, Johannesburg.
Cost: R800.00 includes aromatherapy workbook and aromatherapy chart.
Tea, coffee, biscuits and fruit supplied. Please bring your own lunch

Reflexology for Home Use

Put your best foot forward! This informative and fun two day workshop is a must for those interested in using Reflexology for their own use and for that of friends and family. You will learn how to work with the reflex points of the feet to aid relaxation and reduce stress.

Reflexology is a specific method of foot massage that works on the entire body bringing about balance and relaxation. This course provides a foundation in practical skills together with the background information necessary to carry out basic Reflexology on friends and family within the home. During this course you will enjoy the benefits of a reflexology massage and gain the knowledge and skills enabling you to carry out a basic reflexology sequence.

Please note: These courses do NOT enable participants to diagnose or treat any illness and they do not enable participants to work professionally upon completion.

Dates: Saturday, 16th and Sunday, 17th of August 2008.
Venue: The Cansa Association, 1 Saxonwold Dr, Saxonwold, Johannesburg.
Cost: R800.00 includes reflexology workbook and reflexology foot chart
Tea, coffee, biscuits and fruit supplied. Please bring your own lunch

Other courses available:

Unlocking the Power in your Chakras

What are your chakras and how do they work? Join me for one day workshop offering insight into the blueprint of YOU! Just as your PC stores information about your computer programmes, your chakras store information about your beliefs, attitudes, character and personality. This journey of self discovery and growth happens in a fun and nurturing environment.

As you begin to understand the nature and content of each of your chakras, an understanding of who you are and why you do things begins to unfold. Self discovery, understanding and sustainable change becomes easier and possible. The exploration of your chakras and the dynamics of the human energy field is an exciting journey into the self.

Although chakras are not physical entities they impact on our lives in the same way as our emotions and thoughts. By changing the programmes stored here we are able to change our lives.

Talking Feet
Conversations with your sole! – Foot Reading

As we learn more about the body’s amazing ability to communicate, we start to unlock our healing potential and take control of our health. We are now able to interpret the language of the eye (iridology), the language of the meridians (acupuncture) and even the language of the tongue and hair (homoeopathy).

Ever wondered why your second toe is longer than the first, why your heels sometimes split or why well-worn shoes suddenly start to chaff. Your feet are not static, but are constantly changing, reacting to your thoughts, feelings, choices and attitudes.

Talking Feet provides you with a dictionary and thesaurus to interpret the messages of your sole. What can you expect to find out? As a start – How well you deal with your emotions, how your communication style affects you and how you feel about your life. This creates a new ability to understand and change aspects of you that are limiting and to acknowledge and celebrate the parts of you that are fantastic!

Contact Bev du Toit on the details alongside for more information and to book.

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