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Beyond the Obvious

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We cannot wait to attend this event! Internationally recognised author and speaker, Penney Peirce, will be visiting SA for the first time in September to stage a national tour called Beyond the Obvious. Various programmes covered during her tour include:
Becoming an instinctive and visionary business leader, Intuition for business women, Understanding and interpreting your dreams, and Managing your energy and drawing energy from the world around you. Peirce’s services are in demand by business leaders across the world – you cannot afford to miss out on one of her conferences!

Peirce is a trainer and mentor to executives of many Fortune 500 companies. In the US, Europe and Japan she consults to companies like Boeing, Apple, Adobe, Levi Strauss, Lockhead Martin, Hitachi and Lucas Films. She is well known for her accurate future trend predictions.

Author of several titles, Peirce is known to be a natural, articulate and common sense speaker, and she is amongst the most sought after mentors in the world. In fact it’s estimated that in the past 25-years she has personally worked with at least 70 000 people. This excludes those influenced by her books, the first of which was translated into 19 different languages.

The cost is R3 850 per person for the Gut Feel and Women conferences and R5 850 for the Leadership conference.

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