Bidcar Auctioning cc

Bidcar Auctioning cc

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A brand new Cape Town based company, BidCar, officially launched itself into the market place on December 1st allowing people to own their dream cars for less than R1000!

Impossible you say? “Not at all!” says MD Gavin Bell, who is the mastermind behind this unique concept. Gavin wanted to empower and better the lives of the South African by giving them the opportunity of owning brand new cars for a very affordable fee making them more mobile.

“In today’s day and age new cars are exceptionally expensive and so many people cannot afford decent cars and have to rely on lift clubs or public transport, but those days are now over” says Gavin.

How it works

Log on to their website and register with them.

There are 13 fantastic vehicles to choose from divided into two categories; Silver and Platinum.


There is a choice of 7 Silver vehicles, namely a VW Citi Golf, Citroen C2, Smart Pure, Ford Ka, Opel Corsa 1.8 GSi, Renault Clio and a Renault Megane Sedan.


The Platinum selection consists of 6 very elite vehicles, namely the all new Jaguar 2.2D SE X-Type, Mercedes Benz C230 V6 Sports Coupe, Peugeot 307CC, Jeep Cherokee 2.8 CRD, Audi 2.0T Multitronic and the very sporty Mazda RX-8.

The required bid amounts per vehicle are kept low as to make everybody’s chances of driving their dream car that much more of a reality, bids range from 2 600 bids up to a maximum of 4 000 bids, so having 1 out of 2 600 chances is far greater than 1 in a million for instance.

Gavin wants everybody to drive a brand new car and will go to every length to make it happen. So if for instance one car is not getting the required interest, the bids that were made on that vehicle will be moved to a more popular vehicle within its class making your chances of driving away in a brand new car that much quicker. BidCar also gives the new owner the chance of choosing their own standard colour of the vehicle and should they wish to add anything it will be to their account.

The key is to place a number up to the amount of 1 000 and let it be a unique number, it must be the only single highest number which will get the vehicle. So let’s say 5 people bid the amount 1 000 then it is not unique, but if there is only 1 bid at 999 then that will be the highest unique number and that will be the once off amount one will pay for the vehicle. BidCar will inform the lucky bidder that they have the highest unique number and it will be then that they pay the bid amount.

The only initial cost to fellow bidders will be the admin fee of R50 for a Silver Selection or R100 for the Platinum Selection per bid made.

Gavin also wanted to make more of a difference to the community so for every bid made BidCar donates a percentage to worthy organizations such as the World Wildlife Fund, Red Cross Children’s Hospital and the South African National Parks.

“We are so lucky to live in such a beautiful country and by providing a fun element in owning a brand new car at less than R1000 is so exciting and by giving back to the community will make it an even better country to live in” says Gavin. All the cars have their closing date on the 24th December as BidCar intends to be calling the unique bidder on Christmas day.

What a fantastic feeling knowing that you paid less than R1000 for a brand new car… get bidding and log on to today! All bids that are entered today will be given special priority, should the highest unique number be entered today BidCar will not only waiver the monetary value of the unique number but will also give back the admin fee, giving you a brand new car FREE. Log on today and bid! Good Luck!!

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