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What is Bidwise? is a unique online auction web site. They offer members the opportunity to acquire the latest sought-after items at a fraction of their retail cost in a secure online environment.

Their exciting auctions feature items like cars, digital cameras, cell phones, home theatre systems, plasma screens, media players, leading appliances etc.


– Membership is FREE! New members may start bidding immediately once their accounts have been activated.

– Tell your friends about Bidwise using their Referral System and gain valuable Loyalty Points which may be redeemed for FREE bids.

– Members are awarded Loyalty Points for joining, placing bids and paying the bid fees and for successfully referring new members.

– All items offered on auction through Bidwise are brand new and un-used. High quality featured brands such as Sony, Samsung, LG and Hitachi. The items retain their carry-in factory warranty.

How Bidwise Works

Bidwise is different from traditional auctions. It is based on the MaxBid auction concept.

The highest UNIQUE bid wins! The winning bidder may then acquire the item that they bid on for the amount of the winning bid. This always ends up being a fraction of the items retail cost.

MaxBid Auction

– Highest unique bid wins

– Limit on the bid amount

– Pay a bid fee for each bid

– Pay only the winning bid amount

– Winning bid amount is always a fraction of the retail cost

Traditional Auction

– The highest bid wins the auction

– No limit on the bid amount

– Do not pay for individual bids

– Pay the full amount that was bid

– Winning bid pays close to the full retail cost

Each auction closes when the required number of bids are reached. The required number of bids, the bid fee and the MaxBid differ for each item depending on the items retail value.

Example: An item valued at R1 000.00 has a MaxBid amount of R100.00 and requires 100 bids to close. The bid fee for each bid is R20.00. If the highest unique bid for the item is R30.00 then the winning bidder may purchase the item for that amount. Bids placed may not exceed the MaxBid amount.

How do they calculate the highest UNIQUE bid?

Once the auction closes, they start from the top, i.e. 250. If more than 1 bid was placed for 250 then none of those bids wins. Then they move to 249 and so forth until they find a bid that is unique. This means that if you placed 5 bids: 200, 201, 202, 203, and 204.

And 201 is the unique winning bid then you would walk away with the item for R201.00 plus the bid fees. This means that you need to bid with some strategy!

Visit today! There is something for everybody and you are sure to be able to purchase incredible items at very affordable prices. – Bidding Made Easier

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