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Bistro Tea wands ensure a perfectly clean infusion every time: the essences and aromatic oils in the tea leaves diffuse into the hot water with no buffering whatsoever.

The premium-grade Ceylon tea used in Bistro Tea wands is grown, harvested, selected and processed in Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon). Ordinary filter paper absorbs the brewing colloids from tea, where as a TPOD is a membrane which releases purely the beverage through the perforation without any loss of flavor.

Most traditional tea bags contain floor sweepings and tea dust. The TPOD concept favours the pouching of premium tea leaves which can be enhanced with natural tea extracts or FTNF flavours. Tea leaves absorb the fragrance and flavour from its natural surroundings, therefore to enjoy a fine cup of tea always use neutral utensils. Bistrotea is simply smart …it enables proper dosage without wastage, it doesn’t drip neither does it need wringing! It is also a perfectly well designed stirrer.

Bistro Tea wands are also “green” in that their production and usage is far more environmentally-friendly than traditional measures. Ordinary tea bags require enormous quantities of Manila-hemp (Musa textilis). Vast areas of agricultural lands have to be cleared for this mono- cultivation practice, thus forcing back the tropical forests in East Asia more and more.

Black Tea
• Apple Cinnamon
• Earl Grey
• English Breakfast

Green Tea
• Ginger
• Lemon Grass
• Peppermint

Red Tea
• Jasmine Lotus
• Strawberry
• Vanilla Peach

Herbal Tea
• Fruit Berry
• Herbs ‘n Honey

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