BISTRO Tea wands!

BISTRO Tea wands!

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Bistro Tea wands are pencil-shaped, disposable, high-tech tea diffusers. They have a built-in mechanical filtration system that keeps the bitter components in while releasing the essence that produces a richly flavoured, lavishly fragrant brew. This cutting-edge, revolutionary design eliminates the need for teaspoons and minimizes dripping.

Each disposable Tea wand contains premium grade tea leaves and functions as both a traditional teabag and a stirrer.

Bistro Tea wands ensure a perfectly clean infusion every time: the essences and aromatic oils in the tea leaves diffuse into the hot water with no buffering whatsoever.

The premium-grade Ceylon tea used in Bistro Tea wands is grown, harvested, selected and processed in Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon).

The superb palatability and taste of the premium grade tea, the stylish serving utensils, the unique packaging and easy, efficient preparation transform the serving and drinking of Bistro Tea into a unique social and culinary experience.

Black Tea
• Apple Cinnamon
• Earl Grey
• English Breakfast

Green Tea
• Ginger
• Lemon Grass
• Peppermint

Red Tea
• Jasmine Lotus
• Strawberry
• Vanilla Peach

Herbal Tea
• Fruit Berry
• Herbs ‘n Honey

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