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Assetate, the secure online personal asset management system

They believe that many people work hard for the assets they own in their homes and then essentially “forget” all about them. Unlike corporations who are obliged to keep detailed records of the assets they possess, individuals tend not to do that – and with potentially disastrous consequences:

– Poor records can lead to reduced loss claims in the event of theft, fire flood or other risks which trigger “averaging clauses” in your insurance contracts. Underinsurance is a common factor in South Africa and this leads to additional trauma in the aftermath of any loss situation.

– Estate planning – many property owners rely solely on their will to effect their wishes in the event of death. How much better would the situation be if you and your estate administrators had a comprehensive record of posessions available.

– Even if you do maintain conventional records – how often does the computer system on which they are kept get stolen or destroyed as part of the loss incident, or the paper records themselves become lost or destroyed?

– Relocation – Creating a goods manifest for relocation! Have a detailed schedule of assets for use during the move – remove all the guesswork and easily obtain quotes for the move.

– Taxation – increasingly SARS is taking an interest in the assets owned by individuals. The current end of year tax form for instance requires Company Directors and CC Members to list out their assets. Of course any widening of the net for Capital Gains Tax will demand detailed asset records to be made available if a CGT computation is to be contested.

By offering a secure way to keep records of such assets online, you would be prepared for any eventuality – and Assetate delivers just that. You will be able to attach photos, video or any documentary evidence to your assets and these records can be updated and changed by you at any time.

Assetate offer syou a “full service” of subscription and initial setup by our fully trained Assetate Agents.

They can take all the pain out of domestic inventory creation and deliver a highly professional service.

This is what you get with Assetate:

– State of the Art Security model

– Flexible, intuitive web interface

– Compliance driven processes (client permissions and audit trail)

– Sensible and flexible size based pricing model for asset portfolios

– Assets allocated to meaningful categories and locations – ideal for multiple properties

– Graphical reporting tool on assets

– Attach documents, images and video to assets with a simple upload process

– Online help desk and support

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