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If you fancy yourself as even slightly trendy, a visit to Jo’burg is not complete without a stop over at 44 Stanley. A word of warning, though; if haute cuisine and bling-bling stores are exclusively your thing, you might not appreciate the laid-back charm of this open-air, maze-like place with its pavement-side cafés and quirkily stylish shops. But Blah Blah Blah has a growing fan base in the city, with some patrons happy to fight the traffic for certain of Ryan’s (the owner) dishes.

I dislike the term ‘fusion food’,” he says. “I think it’s more like ‘confusion food’— especially when you get this fancy food pretentiously presented in a huge bowl. I prefer to serve simple things, using fresh flavours that speak for themselves.” At this stage I’ve also had a taste of a salad crammed with watercress, nuts and a heavenly yoghurt dressing. I’ve nibbled his homemade whole wheat bread, and given in to his vegetable- and rice stuffed spring rolls. By now I’m utterly speechless.

‘Clean Cut Urban’ is how Ryan describes his style of cooking.

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