Brasilian Grill

Brasilian Grill

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Roberto & Lana, Joburg’s most popular Latin dance band, also known as ‘LOS LATINOS’ will entertain you every Friday & Saturday evening, as well as the evening before every public holiday.

The function menu is a traditional Brazilian Churrasco consisting of:

A variety of hot starters
crisp and tasty homemade croquettes, vegetable tempura, samoosas, prawn cakes, vegetable & chilli bites, and herb-seasoned polenta.
A variety of 18 different salads
A selection of 18 different garden fresh salads: prepared in the traditional Brasilian, Portuguese and South African styles, including but not limited to: Mussels; potato salad; coleslaw; season fruits; couscous; mixed salads; different types of bean salads; mushrooms, fresh tomato and mozzarella; rice salads, and a whole selection a seasonal fresh produce…etc
Hot Buffet – A choice of Brazilians and Portuguese specialities
Choose from linefish of the day on the buffet, Portuguese steak, crisp roast potatoes flavoured with paprika and garlic, tasty spinach, and other fresh vegetables and potatoes in season; savoury rice, etc…
A variety of Brazilians cuts of meat, including lamb, beef, pork and chicken, prepared in the traditional Brazilian way.
Served at your table by our Passadors.

When each piece is cooked to perfection, our Passadors will come to your table and carve it for you; fresh, succulent and unbelievable tasty. Try a taste of everything; we have up to 16 different cuts of meat at any given time.
5 different home made desserts.

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