Breathtaking Bespoke Furniture from Hoarders


Breathtaking Bespoke Furniture from Hoarders

Located in the now trendy east side of the city, Hoarders Upcycled Furniture and Refurbishers specialise in modern pieces that are not only stunning but also carry a sense of history. They have to be seen to be believed!



Recycled, re-used, upcycled and re-purposed are all terms used to describe items that have been refurbished or used out of context for a new purpose. We’ve all seen how pallet-made furniture has taken the market by storm over the years but Hoarders takes that concept to new heights. Wine crates, wood from old pianos, old trolleys and many other discarded items become true works of art that will almost certainly become the most talked about item at your next get-together.


In a competitive industry such as this one, proprietors need to set themselves apart and that’s exactly what owner John Shepherd chose to do. John walked away from his high-powered corporate position to follow his lifelong passion, something that can be seen in the workmanship. Subtle nuances and massive amounts of conceptualising go into each piece and the best part is that you get to have your say! John takes time to investigate your every need before moving forward with a piece, something that is rare in this cut throat world of petty profiteering.


Walking around the workshop you can see that this is a man that takes his job seriously. This isn’t an Ikea factory, it’s a place where the lines between art and function are blurred. A place that nurtures expression and that’s exactly what sets an artisan aside from the noise. Current trends are fused and flipped until a vision is born and the result is tangible. Just look through these pictures!


The workshop is situated at their beautiful house in old Johannesburg where John lives with his partner and art curator Maxine. Walking through their home and looking at the show pieces inspired me to redecorate my whole house, as well as whip out my credit card like Kim Kardashian on Rodeo Drive. That being said I couldn’t believe how reasonable the prices are. R2000 for a stunning coffee table made from old wine crates is practically a steal and even the really big items don’t go for what you’d expect from this level of craftsmanship.


Supporting local excellence is what 2015 is all about and this was my first stop. Hand made shoes by local designers, art by locals artists and celebrating local food is the top of my list for this awesome year. Don’t let politics or Eskom get you down, the people of this country are where the strength has always been and that’s never really changed. Time to put your money where your mouth is and support those that are out there every day making a difference!

Say hello to Hoarders on Facebook or chat by telephone by calling 084 240 3483. John will talk you through the rest.

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