Brightwater – Serving Up Soccer And Food

Brightwater – Serving Up Soccer And Food

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With over 40 television screens placed in and around its restaurants, soccer fans and their families will be guaranteed of non-stop soccer action at The Brightwater Commons in June and July.

Whilst supporting their favourite teams and absorbing the festive vibe of the World Cup, both local and international guests alike can also indulge in an array of dishes from around the world – at the centre’s host of eateries. From Japanese sushi, German schnitzels and sauerkraut, all the way to Greek mezze platters, kleftico, and Slovakian moussaka, such will be the variety.

Other popular dishes will include Mexican tortillas and chilli con carne, Italian pizzas and pastas, and Spanish paella; not to mention American burgers, and Britain’s popular bangers and mash. One will literally get to taste foods from around the world at one venue!

Adventurous guests can experience the unique flavours of the African continent, with Algerian couscous dishes, plantain from Cameroon, and spicy Jollof rice meals from the Ivory Coast. Other favourites will include the popular Nigerian dish of cow heel and abe and Ghana’s dodo and beans. Also awaiting one will be a variety of popular South African favourites like mogodu, fish and chips, and pap and wors.

To quench one’s thirst from all the soccer excitement, will be a wide assortment of drinks on offer ranging from local and imported beers from the Netherlands, to Italian coffees, steaming lattes and tea. Soccer fans can even enjoy shooters in the colours of their favourite teams at the centre’s pub.

With it’s easy access, ample parking and numerous eateries, the centre will provide an ideal place for families, friends and their guests from afar to conveniently enjoy the soccer, eat and drink without the inconvenience of having to clean after a day or evening of entertaining.

Those needing a little “time out” between matches can visit the centre’s outdoor commons – a manicured lawn area in a serene park-like setting beneath the winter sky. Complete with its own bubbling brook, that tumbles into a little pond, this area is ideal for relaxation. Alternatively, whilst dads are engrossed in the soccer, mums can stroll through the centre’s Market Place; and children can play Ten-Pin-Bowling or Adventure Golf, visit the centre’s skate-park; or catch the latest movies on circuit.

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