Build Your Own Burger At GBC!

Design your own burger creation at the Great Burger Company, the newest food joint to call Illovo home.

I love burgers. I really do … making them, eating them and looking for restaurants that specialise in them … so when I got the chance to design my own burger at The Great Burger Company (GBC) in Illovo, I felt like an overly excited child filled with endless burger creation possibilities!

There are a couple of GBC stores in Jozi, but the one in Illovo is in the perfect location … an amazing-looking double story restaurant in an area with some great bars, which means this place a good starting point for a night out on the town! It’s also a fun restaurant to bring your kids to … let them try their hands at building their own burgers … they’ll also be served fresh, warm popcorn and will get to drink double thick milkshakes, making this a great spot for family outings.

One of the stand-out things about visiting GBC is the fact that what your burger will look and taste like is entirely up to you! If you lack the creative juices to build your own, then there is a selection of pre-thought out options to choose from. Or, if you are busy getting your beach body ready (hello, summer!), you can have a burger in a bowl or, as I call it, a burger salad.

There is a ‘but’ when it comes to GBC, I am afraid … like most pieces of art constructed in the mind, your vision of a beautifully-created burger might fall flat when you see the result … let me just say that the end burger just does not quite live up to the image you might have of it in your head (this was the case with me, at least).

That being said, something that really stands out about this burger joint is the service. The owners have gone to a lot of trouble to make sure that when you walk into their restaurant, you are treated like family and are greeted by a team of smiling staff who will make sure you are well looked after.

Overall, I would definitely give GBC a chance. Perhaps your burger creating skills will turn out to be better than mine.

by Duncan Collins

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