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Byzance is a lavish and opulent Greek restaurant that is the brainchild of hosts, and owners, Aristotle and Ludmilla Ragavelas. This beautiful restaurant, currently able to seat in excess of 200 guests, is hidden away in Lonehill Shopping Centre and its entrance beckons you to explore its treasures at the foot of the lake.

The luxurious and welcoming lobby awaits you at the bottom of the winding staircase. The breath-taking impression is that of a modern catacomb of the 21st century to resemble the lifestyle of the Byzantine Empire. An exotic taste of this lifestyle can be experienced at Byzance not only through Aristotles’ divine meals but also through the luxurious Byzantine atmosphere and decor of the restaurant itself.

Soft lighting is created by glass mosaic lights that hang like pendulums from the ceiling, and the surfaces of the pale walls are scratched with barely visible murals and the odd strip of gold leaf. Fabrics are soft to the touch and splendid. The lounge is beautifully decorated and warmed by the orange glow of the flames in the equally beautiful fireplace. As if to balance the warmth of the interior, the element of water dominates outside. Upon stepping out onto the balcony one is calmed by the fountains of water returning to the lake and the Weeping Willows along its edges.

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