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Pop your way to Magic… with Cadbury’s new Magical Elves

Christmas Time is the time for Santa Claus, reindeer and mistletoe, family gatherings, festive feasts and fun. Unopened presents are piled high under Christmas trees or placed in bulging Christmas stockings. This year Cadbury has created the perfect magical mood lifter that immediately brings a smile to your face, and it begins with this story…

Many, many moons ago Santa heard about some Magical Elves from the South Pole who were mischievous, but oh so very clever. These crafty creatures had magic dust that made amazing toys in one zap! But how could Santa get them to come and work for him?… A-Ha!! Santa had an idea. Elves adore chocolate. So, in return for making toys, Santa would treat them to a delicious year’s supply! The elves jumped for joy!

Every Christmas since then Santa chooses eight lucky elves who are sucked through a secret tunnel, in the centre of the Earth, to his workshop at the North Pole. There they merrily make toys for all the world’s girls and boys. But, there was just one small problem. The elves kept sneaking off to eat chocolate before they’d finished their work! Thankfully, Santa had a little plan. He put magical popping dust in the chocolate so a naughty elf could be heard and promptly popped back to work! Now all the presents are finished on time.

Now you can try Santa’s special chocolate with its magical popping dust for yourself with Cadbury’s new Magical Elves. Take a bite of your Magical Elf and you’ll feel the smooth Cadbury milk chocolate melt slowly in your mouth. Just as you begin to escape into the dreamy taste of the chocolate the magical popping dust will burst out and surprise your taste buds with mini explosions of fun.

Cadbury has begun the Magical Elves tradition this Christmas with the eight elves that have lasted the longest in Santa’s workshop. There’s Citrine, the organiser and lover of animals; Feldspar, the carpenter and prankster; Obsidian, the ideas man (but watch out he’s grumpy); Zirconia, the mechanic and nifty dancer; Wulfenite, the musician; Tourmaline, the chef and terrible sleepwalker; Amethyst, the artist and finally Unakite, the electrician and joke-teller. Each elf has a different wrapper, making the magic more fun to collect and to share with your friends.

So pop down to your nearest store and buy some Cadbury Magical Elves, and imagine those rascally beings who are probably eating them too! Can you hear them? They can hear you!

SMS and Win!

SMS the word “Cadbury” to 35499 and you could win a fabulous hamper filled with mouth-watering Cadbury’s goodies!

SMS costs R3. Competition ends on Monday, 8th of January 2007.

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