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Cappello seeks is to intrigue and stir the elegance and enchantment of an era that enticed one of fictions greater dreamers’ Gatsby. Much like the novel we have allowed the glamour and class of classical mingling and socializing to be our inspiration. We envisage a subtle casual and delicious atmosphere. The divine delicacy and chemistry of both its feminine flair and mucho ambition creates a tantalizing social arena. With energy and simple world-class touch Cappello aims to bring enchantment to our daily tricks. We promise to create an ideal flexible flavor and mood to complement your occasion, be it business or pleasure with food, passion and people at the center of your experience. Whether you pop in for a quick espresso or wonder in for a Cucumber & Mint Martini, the Cappello encounter will satisfy…

The Cappello concept has evolved dramatically since its inception in 2001. Where the brand was originally developed as a coffee shop, it is now a cocktail café. Our focus has had to progress from an ‘eating experience’ to that of FOOD, PASSION & PEOPLE.

The focus on food, though it has remained our key priority, has shifted from light meals and coffee to an informal dining experience which is steered by value and selection. Our food offer spans from sushi to pizza with an abundance of meat dishes in between. The passion in Cappello can be felt as you walk in the door. Our staff are driven and ambitious, they are dedicated to providing each guest with a truly memorable experience.

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