Carnivore Restaurant

Carnivore Restaurant

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The Carnivore Johannesburg is situated in natural surroundings overlooking the Krugersdorp hills. The entrance to the restaurant is by way of a thatched walkway through indiginous gardens and a spectacular water feature.

The central attraction of the restaurant is a large circular open fire with 52 converted Masaai tribal spears holding a variety of 10 different types of meat such as pork, lamb, beef, chicken, ribs and sausages and including such game meats as crocodile, zebra, giraffe, impala, ostrich, etc, gently roasting and waiting for you to begin your feast!!!

There is always a minimum of 10 different types of meat and a minimum of 5 game meats. This is followed by a choice of five different desserts, and coffee.

It’s a case of “eat as much as you can”, with each table having a flag that is lowered to indicate that you surrender when you have had your fill.

No visitor should miss out on “Africa’s Greatest Eating Experience”. Herbivores can choose from a delicious and unusual vegetarian menu.

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