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Genre: Drama

Release Date: Friday, 3 March

Age Restriction: 10VS

Running Time: 109 mins

Starring: Heath Ledger, Jeremy Irons, Lena Olin, Oliver Platt, Sienna Miller

Produced By: Betsy Beers, Leslie Holleran, Mark Gordon

Directed By: Lasse Hallström


When Giacomo Casanova discovered Francesca Bruni he met his ultimate romantic match, succumbing to the only woman ever to refuse his charms – until he could prove himself to be the one man worthy of her romantic ideals.

He would become known for all time as the world’s greatest lover but Casanova (Heath Ledger) was much more than that. Renowned for his sharp intellect and devastating wit, he was also a doctor of law, a soldier, a magician, a writer, a philosopher and a gifted athlete, among other things, all of which only enhanced his reputation for being irresistible to women and immune to settling down with just one special person.

After a lifetime of easy romantic conquests, Casanova finally collides with the one woman who is every bit his romantic, intellectual and physical equal: Francesca Bruni (Sienna Miller), the Renaissance writer whose wicked wit, savvy smarts and classical beauty make her the most formidable woman in all of Venice, and the one woman who has little use for Casanova’s initial attempts at conquest… until she begins to recognise something sublime in his whimsy.

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