Cash Back Benefit

Cash Back Benefit

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Whether you like it or not, life cover becomes a necessity especially later in life when you start a family or have bonds and debts to cover. Similarly, disability cover is crucial in maintaining your standard of living in the event of not being able to work.

Instant Life is the first to offer a “Cash Back” benefit at no extra cost on fully underwritten life products. The Cash Back benefit refunds policy holders 20% of all premiums paid, every 10 years, for the duration of their policy(s). Get a quote

This benefit will be in effect for the duration of the policy until age 65 for Critical Illness, Work Disability and Cancer products whilst on pure Life products this benefit will be awarded as long as the policy is in force.

By covering your risk, you are rewarded for paying your premium.

  • You can get up to R6 million life cover and R4.5 million work disability cover without medical tests with Instant Life.
  • You will get a “Cash Back” benefit that returns 20% of all premiums paid every 10 years.
  • This benefit is added at no extra cost!

  • What will you get back?

    • A 35 year old female will pay R195/m for R3m life cover. She will get back a total of R48 391 after 30 years. (R6 621 after 10; R13 646 after 20; R28 124 after 30)
    • A 35 year old male will pay R285/m for R3m life cover. He will get back a total of R70 229 after 30 years. (R9 609 after 10; R19 804 after 20; R40 816 after 30)
    • A 40-year old male with R6m life cover will receive R24,000 after 10 years and R170, 000 after 30 years.
    • A 40-year old female with R6m life cover will receive R16,000 after 10 years and R121,000 after 30 years.

    Natascha from Johannesburg says: “In my opinion insurance sold online has never been this easy and simple to understand. Getting money back on top of that makes it a delight!”

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