CD Review: Flash Republic – Danger

CD Review: Flash Republic – Danger

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These days, there is so much music being churned out at us that I sometimes drown in the cheese, but Flash Republic’s latest album ‘Danger’ is far from that. The expectations of a CD made by house-legend Ryan Dent, rising-star Craig Massiv and magnificently-voiced Tamara Dey are extremely high, considering the amount of promise their debut album ‘Time Is Now’ showed 4 years ago and I am glad that the band has lived up to those expectations.

A lot of speculation has suggested that 4 years after the release of their album ‘Time Is Now’, the band would have gone for a much more edgier, banged out, border-line eccentric sound, especially with the addition of MC Barnes. I, for one, am glad that the band has produced a CD that is easy listening and flexible, although the limited edition second CD does have remixes by various DJs so it really caters for my itchy always-wanting-to-dance toes and my love for electro madness.

The CD is sufficiently infectious enough that their hit track “Twister” has been gallivanting around the local airwaves like a musical virus. With global music heading in the direction of electro-pop, 80’s syth, this is a fantastic time for Flash Republic to release an album that proves that they are very capable of producing music with superlative production and vocals that connect and this combined with their stage presence, which is not only energetic but enigmatically vigorous, allows this band to have the great following that they have.

Having heard the band live on many occasions, I still get excited when I hear their tracks. If you are out there and are hungry for a well produced, wonderfully executed album, then I would recommend this CD to you… “and I don’t even know your name”.

Look out for their CD launches around the country.

Review By Mamello “Mum-z” Mokoena

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