Celebrate The Great Gatsby, this September

Visitors to Social Kitchen & Bar can pay tribute to some of history’s greatest authors this September by sipping on tailor-made, book-inspired cocktails in celebration of their birthdays.

Ken Kesey, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Miguel de Cervantes and Truman Capote all turn a year older during September and the pages of their books have been brought to life with a series of cocktails named after some of their greatest works.

One of these has been earmarked for September 24th, the birthday of F.Scott Fitzgerald. Bring your friends and be dazzled by the opulence of Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, an electric mix of Johnny Walker Gold Label, pinot grigio and sherry. Born in 1896, Fitzgerald would have turned 121 years old this month. His timeless novel, which was recently reworked into a Hollywood blockbuster starring Leonardo DiCaprio, is set in the 1920’s and is the story of the young and mysterious millionaire Jay Gatsby and his passion and obsession for the beautiful Daisy Buchanan. Fitzgerald died before the book became a major literary success giving us all the more reason to tip our hats and honour his name – all while sipping on a Great Gatsby taste sensation.

So, do not tarry, come celebrate with our authors this month and let your tongue tell the story by visiting Exclusive Books’ Social Kitchen & Bar in Hyde Park. Not only is it Johannesburg’s best restaurant to share conversations and hand-crafted food, but it completes the epicurean adventure with simple food, inspired cocktails and a view fit for a King.

Social Kitchen & Bar can be found in the heart of Hyde Park Corner – level six, inside the Exclusive Books store. For reservations call them on 011 268 6039 or email reservations@socialkitchenandbar.co.za. For more information, visit www.socialkitchenandbar.co.za.

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