Chow Down At Chef And The Fatman

Chef and the Fatman just so happens to be a live entertainment venue disguised as an eatery! It’s definitely a place you’ve got to visit soon. Let Shawn explain why.

On the outskirts of Northriding, hidden on a plot of land along Witkoppen Road, is a gem of a family restaurant. Rumour has it that Chef and the Fatman is the only way to cure the anxiety brought on by the setting of the Sunday sun.

This farmhouse-turned-restaurant is the perfect spot to have a late Sunday lunch and let the kids do whatever it is that kids do … Chef and the Fatman has a dedicated play area for children and has recently included a petting zoo and soccer pitch as well. If you are into pizza – who am I kidding, everybody is into pizza – then I suggest you check this place out.

There are no set items on the menu for pizza as the restaurant encourages its patrons to use their imagination and build their own, sticking to a limit of seven toppings each. All ingredients are sourced from only the freshest farms in the area.

For those of us who enjoy our steaks cooked to perfection and sprinkled with grey salt, may I suggest that you devour one of Chef and the Fatman’s signature sirloins – you won’t be sorry.

I’ll let you in on a little secret: the restaurant is, in fact, a live entertainment venue disguised as an eatery. Chef and the Fatman has become known for its feel good vibe ushered by good food and great live bands … what’s better than enjoying an ice cold craft beer on tap while listening to a bunch of rockers cover Whitesnake?

Some say that the chef marinates the steaks overnight to the tunes of Here I Go Again … or so I’m told by the locals, anyway. Unfortunately, vegetarians are stuck with the starter and salad menus, with the exception being a veggie platter filled with the usual suspects of crumbed mushrooms, carrots, onion rings etc. Let’s hope the kitchen at this establishment will soon add more veg options to their menu but until then, head on over for some sweet live music, great food and an all ‘round fun vibe.

By Shawn Greyling

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