Christmas time and living is easy…and green

Christmas time and living is easy…and green

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The Wonderbag is the brainchild of South African company, Natural Balance. Repackaging the time-honoured principle of heat-retention, or insulation, cooking the Wonderbag is a dynamo for change covered in Sheshwe fabric.

The Wonderbag consists of two polycotton cushions filled with recycled polystyrene balls. The hot cooking pot is completely covered in the Wonderbag while the food cooks, making it exceptionally safe for children in the kitchen. Not only is there no hot pot to touch, but if they do pull the bag over by accident, the cushions absorb the spillage and the heat.

Wonderbags are manufactured in the NGO Youth for Survival’s factory in Pretoria . Owned and managed by Moshy Mathe, the factory provides training and employment for women of all ages.

In these times, the Wonderbag’s electricity-saving feature cannot be overlooked. Two independent studies conducted in February and October 2009, found that with regular use, the Wonderbag can save at least 15kWh of electricity a week, and as much as 50% of the electricity needed for cooking. In the process, it also reduces carbon emissions. In fact, one bag has the potential to prevent a ton of carbon emissions every two years. Based on these results, the Wonderbag is in the process of being registered with the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change as a clean development mechanism (CDM) project. Once the project is registered, the carbon emissions being saved will be traded on the international carbon market as carbon credits.

The Wonderbag is a perfect Christmas gift idea:
• For people living in informal settlements or rural areas where cooking fuel is at a premium, the Wonderbag saves money for gas and paraffin, and reduces the time spent on gathering wood.
• It saves busy professionals and mothers time, allowing them to prepare dinner before leaving their homes in the morning.

• It is a practical and fun way for all of us to do our bit to save the planet.
• A Jenny Gifford designer Wonderbag (pictured below right, price available on request) is the ideal gift for the gourmet cook who has everything.

The Wonderbag puts the fun back in family mealtimes, not to mention safety, electricity savings and environmental conservation. It’s a truly powerful little wonder!

Special Christmas Offer
During December, all red Wonderbags are on special for R120 (ordinary price R150), excluding delivery.

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