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Classic Revivals

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Modellers of Antique Furniture was founded in 1953 by two extraordinary brothers Atillio and Agostino Rech, who were born in the foothills of the dolomite mountains in Italy. After Establishing themselves as fine craftsmen in Italy they immigrated to South Africa in the 1950’s, bringing with them the family tradition of superb craftmansip that they inherited from their father and grandfather.

In South Africa they rapidly aquired a reputation as leading craftsmen of fine antique reproductions and today their masterpieces grace the rooms and offices of international hotel groups, financial institutions, private homes and foreign embassies. The family are today actively involved with all aspects of the business and offer a wide variety of specialised services ranging from reproduction as well as contemporary furniture design and manufacture. Interior design consultation, curtaining, upholstery and object d’art are available at all out Classic Revival showrooms countrywide.

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