Claudia Schneider Exhibition

Claudia Schneider Exhibition

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What emerges when Claudia Shneider draws or paints on paper or canvas could be called a drawing or painting. Or one could call it figuration or abstraction and differentiate bright from non-bright colours, lines from surfaces, the covered painting and drawing ground from the un-worked surface. It is clear to see, however, that such divisions would remain external to the works. Shneider changes her colours from work to work, and switches from painting to drawing and vice-versa. A series of markings and coloured lines usually produces something like a figuration, but the figures one thinks one sees dissolve again into lines and markings: where there was abstract painting an instant ago, there is now a basket or an island or an insect, and where there was a kind of bar or loaf, there is now a brown, abstract painting.

Dates: 16 August to 23 September 2005

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