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This is not one of those establishments that offers creams, lotions and potion with the promise of looking better ! – all treatments utilise modern state-of-the-art gem PL technology systems – that give results that won’t believe.

The Cliniq focuses on individual personal care with the view of changing one’s outward appearances with the primary goal of “turning back the clock of time” . The skin rejuventation treatments have been said by many – “Better than Botox at a fraction of the cost!

Treatments include:
Permanent hair removal for both ladies and gents – removing pigmentation, vascular lesions, extemely effective for acne and acne scars, excellent permanent hair removal results, freckles, age spots, sun spots fine lines and tattoos.

Ladies with those embarrasing little red spider veins on their thighs legs and faces – we remove them all. Some have said ‘ The results are better than surgery – at a fraction of the cost”.

Men with those hairy necks, backs arm and hands – the time has arrived that you can permanently remove them, painlessly and cost effectivly.

The Cliniq utilises modern state-of-the-art equipment which literally turns back the clock and undoes the harm that time ravages on ones skin. The treatments are for those that want that make-over look but also want to avoid invasive and costly surgery or laser treatments. The treatments do not use laser – which is both costly and painful.

All treatments are non-invasive, do not make marks – so you can pop-in for a treament during your lunch hour or before work in the morning and nobody knows that you just had a treatment. The patented technology, focuses energy in a geometrical plane and is safe, non invasive, painless and extremely effective results for any skin type including dark, tanned, blonde, grey and red.

Rosebank/ Saxonwold Bettina 011 646 0827

List of Treatments and Costs per session:
Permanent hair removal – bikini & under arm combo – R495 – Upper Lip – R185 – Feet includng toes – R220

Skin rejunvenation – fine line, spider vein removal, acne & acne scarring removal
Spider vein Nose – R185 – Spider Vein Chin – R195

Acne Treatments – jawline – R285 – Back & Shoulders – R600

All skin treatments require a few sessions per course – The number of sessions depends on the type of skin, severity of hair growth, extent of scarring etc and the individual results that the person wants to achieve.

Cliniq Saxon does have special package offers available. This month’s special offer – book your treatment course and introduce a friend for a course of treatments and get your first treatment free! This specal offer closes on August 15th 2007. The offer may not be converted into cash.

Cliniq Saxon – Gives you results that you won’t believe… at a price you won’t believe!

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