Coffee In A Cone: An Interview With Dayne Levinrad

There aren’t a lot of things as interesting as a young and innovative entrepreneur. Dayne Levinrad, owner of The Grind Coffee Company, is one of our favourite young business guns. We sat down and had a fat chat with him – take a listen. 


To Dayne Levinrad, coffee is his passport to the world. It has taken him on some interesting adventures. From Australia to LA to Brazil and everywhere in between, Dayne has learned a lot about the second-most traded commodity in the world. This lead to the young entrepreneur opening up The Grind Coffee Company in Melrose Arch at the beginning of 2016.

As a self-proclaimed techy, Dayne has always approached his projects with the idea that something as simple as coffee can be transformed into a sensation with the aid of the internet. It is because of this that he brainstormed a product specifically for the photo-sharing platform Instagram. After a period of trial and error, Dayne came up with something that would later turn into the “most Instagrammed coffee in the world”, otherwise known as the Coffee In A Cone.

Listen to our awesome and interesting interview with the man behind the #CoffeeInACone Concept:

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