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Col’Cacchio Pizzeria is a brand that plays on contradiction. Well, that’s how the name came about anyway. Over a bottle or two of vino, Italian friend Fabrizio Magui, suggested calling this fledgling pizza restaurant “Col’Cacchio” and the name stuck. Loosely translated, “up yours”, was actually meant as a statement, against the doubters of Col’Cacchio’s passion and to encourage the team to have no fear. In the spirit of the moniker Col’Cacchio resisted being ordinary, choosing instead to swim against the tide and carving a piece of Italy here in South Africa.

Col’Cacchio Pizzeria has become synonymous with an incredible range of superbly crisp thin based woodfired pizzas and an impressive variety of freshly prepared salads and pastas. It’s no surprise therefore that the group has steadily expanded over the years, as it has grown in popularity as well as creativity.

Now with a fresh and reviewed menu; still incorporating old favourites but introducing new and exciting ingredients – things you’d probably never imagine having on a pizza. The resident Queen of Pizza, Kinga Baranowska commented “We’ve always planned to leave people speechless, not because they have a mouthful of pizza, but because our menu offers fresh, different and innovative combinations – far from your regular menu offerings.

A pizza is generally enjoyed by millions across the world as a fast food meal; however here we promote the slow food culture. As the inventors of passion, Italians believe in taking time when preparing food. You can’t hurry love or a good meal.

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