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Comfy Easy PC

Your toddler can now learn through play on the home PC.

The Comfy Easy PC System creates a rich and exciting multimedia world for your toddler (ages 1 to 5), in which he/she can play and interact with the lovable Comfy characters.

With Comfy, your toddler will play many activities that are not only fun, but educational and developmental as well. Playing with the Easy PC system gives young children the opportunity to explore a dynamic, colourful, and interactive environment – without requiring parental assistance.

The Easy PC System has been designed with toddlers in mind, and fits their motor and cognitive skills. The system allows young children to enjoy and learn from various activities, without requiring reading skills or the ability to use a computer mouse. Children progress at their own pace according to their own level, interest and growth.

The Comfy Easy PC System includes the Easy PC keyboard and our line of software titles.
The Easy PC keyboard is the platform required to enjoy our software.

5 Years of Growth

All Comfy content has been developed based on the “3C Developmental Cycle”, created by the Comfy Pedagogial House (CPH):

According to The 3C Developmental cycle, providing toddlers with rich content will stimulate and challenge their natural born curiosity. The specially designed keyboard enables the child to be in full control, mastering activities as the plot evolves, thereby improving his sense of self confidence. The 3C Developmental Cycle is processed over and over again as the child progresses further in the story.

Included in the Easy PC keyboard package is the first software title, “First Steps”, which is designed for 1-3 year old beginners. The whole line of software is then available (each designed for a certain age and level, and based on a different topic), allowing you to choose software according to your child’s level and interest. The software for ages 1-3 in the beginners and intermediate levels include an internal sub-division for different interactivity levels, allowing the child to progress within the same software over time.

As each child grows and develops at a different pace, it is likely that a younger child may enjoy a more difficult level, or vice-versa. It is strongly recommended that you let children progress at their own pace. Some of the titles include a few sub-levels of difficulty, allowing the child to progress within the same title over time.

Big, Colorful Buttons

The keyboard’s familiar shapes, vibrant colors and friendly images invite young fingers to touch, explore and discover.

The specially designed software includes multi-level activities, enabling your child to control various aspects of the activities according to his/her personal development.

When playing with the Comfy Easy PC System, children are given full control of the stories and can interact with the characters using only the specially designed keyboard, without need for any other aids.

Try the Online Demo to see how Comfy plays. Play like your child would.

The keyboard is built from various sets of keys that have been specially designed for specific activities. Description of the keyboard keys:

Character Keys – Your child can call the different Comfy Characters at any time, finding them in different places and situations – they will welcome the call and interact with your child.

Musical Keys – Pressing a Musical key will introduce a chosen musical instrument and play a melody typical of that instrument.
When your child continues to press the same music key, the melody will gradually change in tempo and the melody itself will change.

The Spin Roller – Operating the Spin-Roller temporarily changes the tempo of events on the screen. The faster the child spins the roller, the quicker the tempo of the events. It is an amusing way to interact with various activities.

Colour Keys – The colour keys are used as various functions and in many different activities. Their functionality changes from software to software – sometimes they will be used as colors, sometimes as navigation and control tools.

Weather / Time Keys – Children will learn to recognize weather characteristics, seasons and the hours of the day, by pressing the sun, moon and cloud keys and seeing how the weather changes in Comfyland.
These keys will sometimes have a crucial role, since the Comfy characters will ask your child to change the weather in order for the plot to continue.

The Pause Key – Pressing this key will demonstrate the meaning of “Stop” by stopping the animation. Pressing any other key on the keyboard will start the activity again.
This key can be used when parents play together with their child – use it to stop the story for a few minutes and discuss or explain the content of the activity.

Easy Setup, Easy to start the Adventure

Connect the keyboard to the home PC and run the software:

The Comfy keyboard plugs into your home PC using an easy “plug & play” USB connector. No external drivers, power cords or batteries are required – The computer will easily recognize the keyboard when connected to the USB port.

In order to start playing a software installation is needed. A one-time installation is needed for all titles, and the original CD must be insides the driver when playing.

When inserting a Comfy software CD into the CD driver – the computer will immidiatly identify the software and will automatically run an installation process within a few seconds.

Hide mum and dad’s mouse and keyboard!

Once the Easy PC system is connected and the game starts, your keyboard and mouse have no more use, and they can be hidden from reach, safe from harm’s way.

For this and more products, visit Comfyland on the website alongside.

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