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Finally ! The introduction of the first tea tasting ever.
Due to the fact that the use of loose leaf tea is a relatively new experience for many South African’s, it is an avenue which begs much experimentation and exploration.

Contessa try to take the time to inform and educate the client at every opportunity, regarding the vast diversity of this fantastic product, however, it is not always practical to launch into an in-depth dissertation of the origins, flavour and categories of tea. One person in a party of four may be spellbound whilst the other three can’t wait for their cappuchino to arrive.

It has been with much anticipation that Contessa finally announced the unique way for every client to experience a tea tasting, when it suits them, with whom they want, and within a given time frame.
With our specially designed Tea Tasting platform, you are able to sample on of each of the different tea categories being, Classic Black tea, Flavoured Black tea, Oolong, Green, White and finally Tisane or herbal infusions.

On ordering the “Tea Tasting”, the client is presented with a placemat which holds the relevant information.
Our instructions will carefully navigate you through the different steps of infusions and flavour, for you to enjoy at your own pace.

You will make use of the specially imported tea cups with a built in infuser, which will allow for the appreciation of the raw product, colour and texture.
Starting with a classic black tea, the client will infuse the tea for the correct time with the help of a classic sand timer, followed by a visual awareness of colour, smelling of aromas, and finally the tasting of the tea.

Tasting, smelling and seeing tea, are all aspects which contribute to the enjoyment of the experience. An individual’s preference for, and sensitivity to taste and smell elements, along with the memory of their taste history, combine to form the palate.

In developing this personal tea palate, Contessa urges clients to remember to consider the temperature, the texture and the feel, as well as the flavours. Besides judging the tea, they learn to recognise which flavour elements help them arrive at that judgment. They use all their senses to help enhance their tasting ability.

Every tea has a secret flavour and personality waiting to be discovered and enjoyed. When they co-ordinate these tools, they will discover the complex and enchanting world of tea!

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