Cool Taxi Apps To Give Uber A Run For Its Money

Is Uber hitting surge prices in your area but you need to get around in a jiffy? Look no further than these competing cabs in South Africa. 


Taxify offers customers a range of nearby taxis, as well as the freedom to choose the vehicle make and type, driver rating and distance to the pick-up. Along with the added option of paying by cash or credit or debit cards, you won’t be limited to smartphone connectivity to use the service and can still contact the Taxify SA national call centre, which offers the exact same service as the mobile app.

The Taxify app is available on the Google Play and iTunes stores.

Zebra Cabs

Since 2011, Zebra Cabs has been transporting commuters across the country. They’ve recently stepped up their game with a nifty mobile app, which ensures that you can always get around. According to their website, they transport over 2 100 clients a week, making them the second most popular ride-sharing service in South Africa. Every Zebra Cab is custom fitted with a tracker, external cameras, leather seating and air-conditioning and is clearly marked with their signature zebra stripes.

The Zebra Cabs app is available on the Google Play and iTunes stores.

Africa Ride

In 2012, Thabo Eric Mashale had an idea to start his own business. He quit his day job, and went to work on Africa Ride, which uses technology to offer shuttle services. Today, Africa Ride competes with the best of the world in offering world-class transport services while telling African stories. They offer professional shuttle services to corporates, individuals, travel agencies, event organisers, schools etc with a seamless booking system.

The Africa Ride app is available on the Google Play and iTunes stores.

Orange Cabs

Not as integrated as the others on this list, but should still be mentioned, Orange Cabs has been around since forever and recently stepped up their tech game with the relaunch of their mobile app. At the time of writing, Orange Cabs is the cheapest out of the bunch – even beating Uber’s low price.

The Orange Cabs app is available on the Google Play and iTunes stores.


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