How To Cool Down Without Water this Summer

Seeing as we’re headed for the worst drought in over 20 years, we need to cut down on water usage as much as possible. But how do you keep cool and conserve water at the same time? Well, you’re in for a treat then… read on. 


How To Cool Down Without Water this Summer

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Woolworths Food

One of the coldest places on earth would be the Woolworths Food in Sandton City. You can get your shopping done while really chilling out. Just hang around any of the isles and soak in the air conditioned icy air when the weather hits the hot button on us. You can hang around the freezers or put a box of frozen berries to your forehead while you head for the tills – or you can go find an air-con vent. Cool stuff!

Emmarentia Dam

Grab that book you’ve been meaning to read, head to Emmarentia and hang out under a fat oak tree.  Take a blanket, some Take 5 ice lollies and sunscreen. You’ll be napping in no time. There is ample shade at Emmarentia dam so finding a spot to chill won’t be too hard. Maybe take one of those hand fans as well?

Paul’s Homemade Ice Cream

Head to Rosebank Mall and check out Paul’s Homemade Ice Cream. It is by far the most bespoke way to cool down from the inside… and it’s super yummy to boot – certainly the best ice cream I’ve ever tasted. (Try the condensed milk flavour – it will blow your mind).  The story behind Paul’s is that Paul got an ice cream maker for Christmas and started making a litre of ice cream a day… and then skip a couple years into the future and now Paul’s Homemade Ice Cream is creaming it – all over Joburg.

Red City Sightseeing Bus

Hop on, grab a seat at the top and enjoy the breeze as you tour the city atop a Red City Sightseeing Bus. The bus will help you get acquainted with the city on a hop on, hop off basis while you can sit in the breeze on the open-top upper deck while the recorded guide introduces you to the urban jungle known as Jozi.

The Beerhouse

Cool down with a tall frosty. Craft beer on tap, ice cold and pumped, a good old draught is still the best way to shake off the heat that comes with summer. With over 99 beers to choose from, there is sure to be something that will soothe that craving of yours. Come with plenty of cash, though – the bill can stack up fairly quickly… you could say that beer is made of water but did you know that it takes less beer to cool down than water would? Don’t quote us on that…

by Shawn Greyling

Have any cool down tips you’d want to share with us? Then leave a comment below and tell us all about it. Help save water and share this article with a friend or three. 

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