The Coolest Gap Year Destinations On Earth

If there’s one thing a lot of grownups wish they did was take a gap year. It is during that time that you learn so much about yourself and what you want to study. Here are some of the coolest destinations to rock a gap year at. 


Thailand & Laos

South-East Asia for the win! Make your way through crazy, cool tropical jungles on a scooter, or hang out on the beach during the full moon parties. Either way, you need to get yourself to Thailand and Laos at least once in your life, and your gap year is the perfect time. The friends you make there are for life and from all over the world. The street food is awesome, accommodation cheap and the vibes super chilled.


One of the most colourful and diverse countries in the world would be India. From its open deserts to its lush jungles and everything in between, it truly is an amazing experience. Everything is cheap there: travel, stay and eat – just make super sure that the street food is kind to more sensitive stomachs. You sure don’t want to spoil it with Delhi belly. It remains an adventurer’s paradise and a pretty cool place to check out, particularly if you’re into spicy food.


The mecca of gap year travel would be Morocco. Its picturesque landscape is perfect for snapping photos for the gram. There are few countries where you can enjoy the delights in the narrow and  winding streets of Marrakech, catch a tan on the beach or take a camel ride into the red deserts. Be sure to check out the markets and take full advantage of the amazing Moroccan food.


Sometimes the coolest places are around the corner from where you are. Head to the Garden Route, go and play lumberjack in the woods and hang out with elephants. You can learn to surf, make friends with locals and think about how t o earn a living so that you would never have to leave Knysna. Ever. Imagine waking up to the ocean every day for a year – or maybe for ever? You could be living the dream, my bru.

By Shawn Greyling

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