The Coolest Jozi Bands To Keep An Eye On In 2017

The best music in the world comes from Johannesburg. Don’t even think of arguing that. Here are our favourite acts to check out in 2017. 


Go The Rodeo

70% dirty blues, 10% Franz Ferdinand and 20% Arctic Monkeys. Go The Rodeo is Jozi’s answer to all things indie rock. Their sound is super groovy. The bass has balls and the vocalist can actually hold his own in a sea of boring radio-friendly stuff that plagues this super cool genre of music. Check out their Facebook page and website for more info – there’s a teaser track on their site that will tickle your fancy.


2017 is going to be Boxer’s year. They played Oppi’s main stage in 2016 and rocked the crowd like you would not believe. Their musical style is like taking a shot of Adrenalin straight to the heart. Your feet start to tap, your knee starts to bounce and before you know it you’re full on dancing with your clothes off in the middle of a dance floor. Boxer has a very weird style of garage/indie rock mixed with vocals that reminds us of the band Boo! (the original one, not the rebooted stuff that showed up recently). All in all, they are Jozi rock personified. Also, their music videos are super funny. Check them out on Facebook and SoundCloud.

Radio 123

It’s a mixture of hip hop, of bebop jazz and dirty beats – it’s something they coined Mandela Pop. It’s a sound that bridges cultural gaps and unifies the masses. Radio 123 consists of a drummer, a trumpeter, a bass player and a vocalist. It’s bare bones music that you can’t help but dance to. Their live shows are filled with energy. They are inner city Babylon busting monsters when it comes to creating brilliant and beautiful music.

Johnny Cradle

One of our favourite bands to keep an eye on in 2017 would be Johnny Cradle. The band is often asked who Johnny Cradle is, as to what the reply is, “It’s all of us.” Their music is a mixture of trip hop, rhythm and blues house. All of this i played with live instruments – no backtracks in sight. Johnny Cradle also makes use of live sampling and record scratching which adds a fresh flavour to their sound. Their single, uLate, has gained them international recognition. Check out their website for more details.

By Shawn Greyling

Have we missed any of your new favourite acts? Let us know in the comments section below. Sharing is caring, so post this on social media and tag your music lover friends in it. 

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