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Deep down inside all of us is the need to express ourselves. We all want to be magicians creating something from nothing.

All that is needed is a place. It has to be just perfect. You have to be guided there. You have to meet wizened wizards and the gnome people going about there dialy tasks. They know of this place. But you must be sharp of eye and open of mind or you will not see them in the Garden of Serenity. They will all smile at you knowingly and share the secret – Crafty Creations.

A seemingly ordinary house in a plain neighbourhood has been enchanted. The different coloured walls pulse with designs. They throw creativity at the occupants. You will of course get the feeling that you need to get busy. You need to start creating. You will need the correct tools. And you will be provided with them.

First of all, naturally, you will need a hot cup of tea or a cool drink. You will need the best craft products you can get. And you will not want to part with too much of your hard earned gold to get them. The walls of Crafty Creations are lined with strange concoctions and mixes with names like Heritage, Modge-podge, beeswax, greenware, not to mention quills and feathers. The arts practiced here are antient – quilling, decoupage, cross-stitch. Strange as all this may sound – these crafts will become like close friends to you.

You may spend some time just looking at your chosen wooden blank trying to imagine how you can cast a piece of youself on its blank, boring, accepting exterior and by doing so make it yours. You may want to learn how normal paper can be transformed. Or cardboard. Or tins reflecting the shadows and light of this place – this Crafty Creations – ready to reflect you and how you see the world. You may spend your time looking and searching and discoving the shop. This is a shop like no other. Always changing, and always surprising. There are racks and little drawers that hold treasures. Tiny treasures. There will be something there for you. Even if its the hunt. And you can stick them on boxes, paper, cards, whatever. Enjoy.

When you leave this world relaxed and excited we invite you to share the destination with your friends. Give them a gift voucher. Even invite them to join you for an hour or four. Come to a class together. Have a party.

Bring the world of Crafty Creations to your home. We supply eats, party ideas and cakes. This is perfect for kids of all ages and that includes adults.

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