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Success, what’s the key ingredient? Striving towards your goals with passion, believing in yourself and persevering in the face of challenges… but initially… a willingness to give it a go!

When your life is feeling stale, the process of coaching can help you reinvent yourself and improve virtually any aspect of your life… it’s a powerful collaborative synergy to help you accomplish your dreams and ambitions quicker and with more ease. Coaching used to be reserved as a powerful business tool to assist already high-achieving entrepreneurs and CEO’s, but today, ordinary men and woman also utilise the process of Coaching to achieve tremendous personal growth and experience career success.

Through establishing the client’s dreams, goals, ambitions and/or visions, the coaching process transforms and empowers a person to move from where they are now to where they want to be. The transformation which is brought about by expanded thinking, an awareness and understanding of emotions and a change in maladaptive behaviour, empowers the person to generate their own solutions and move towards achieving their desired goals.

This empowering process allows the client to become a skillful master of his own life through remaining focused on his vision, tapping into his inner wisdom and directing action in service of his self-identified agenda.

Coaching is based on the following core principles:

– Self directed learning
Coaching helps people think better. The person being coached is the expert in their work – the coach uses a questioning approach to help the person find their own answers.
– Solutions focus
Coaching is not about what’s wrong and trying to fix it. Coaching focuses firmly on solutions – where are you now, where do you want to be and how can you get there.
– Positive feedback
Criticism shrinks our confidence and stops us taking action. Encouragement and belief does the opposite. Coaching is a way of delivering encouragement and belief in people that really moves them forward.
– Systematic approach to delivering behavioural change
Real change takes time, commitment and focus. Coaching is effective because it provides a step by step and systematic approach that slowly produces real change.
– Stretch
People perform at their best when they are appropriately challenged. Too much stretch causes stress, too little produces boredom.

In coaching, the focus is on empowering the individual to develop their own answers, maintain a firm focus on solutions and then challenge them to be the best they can be. In return, coaching requires a strong commitment from the client to continually strive towards those goals, however, not going it alone.

“Coaching is not just about achieving your goals, its about what you become in order to achieve it!”

Whether clients have personal life goals, or whether the goals are in relation to growing and improving their businesses, coaching can help them achieve their ambitions and dreams, and be successful.

If the road looks daunting and you feel overwhelmed by the challenge you’re faced, your coach is there to walk the course with, continually encouraging and motivating you to:

– develop and achieve more, faster;
– leverage your strengths to change your dreams and ambitions into reality;
– change your way of thinking to reveal fresh perspectives and alternative scenarios;
– develop new thinking and decision making skills;
– move from a neutral to a positive state of well-being, living with a vibrantly alive mind and spirit;
– enhance your level of happiness and life-satisfaction;
– uncover your needs, aspirations, desires and dreams;
– get a clearer sense of your life purpose and direction;
– make life changing decisions in a supportive and safe environment;
– stay focused on your goals;
– remain challenged and stretched for optimum results;
– remain inspired, motivated and encouraged;
– remain responsible, accountable and in action to achieve your goals;
– get an increased sense of control;
– think clearer and more creatively to find your own solutions;
– be driven to succeed and measure your level of achievement; and
– get faith in your abilities and increase your confidence.

Hey! Mediocrity is boring! Risk a little to be Exceptional! Give yourself a chance… you’re worth it! Why wait? No better time to start being the person you want to be than right now!

For more information on coaching or to book your FREE NO-OBLIGATION TRIAL SESSION, contact Lynelle Smith (BA, BA Hons (Psych), DipHyp (BMHEB), NLP) on the details alongside.

It takes courage to set out on a path where you’ll be met with stumbling blocks and challenges, in pursuit of the great reward. However, with the support of your coach, you can taste success! If you want to be bigger, better and more, allow Crest Consulting to help you get there!

They will drive you to accomplish, develop and achieve more, faster… they will demand greatness of you because they want you to succeed! Crest Coaches are committed and will work tirelessly to push you to achieve your successes, and once your goal is reached, they want you to start reaching higher… all over again!


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