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Ndofaya, made even classier…

Soweto holds so much of South Africa’s history that it is no surprise that it is growing as a tourist destination. New restaurants, clubs, hoteld, shopping centres and museums are popping up all over the Sowetan landscape.

One of the new exciting restaurants opening in Meadowlands is ‘Cxyts’. This restaurant boasts a menu that is quite cosmopolitan, serving breakfast, light meals, salads, tramezzinis and burgers.

This Father’s Day spoil your dad with a great meal at Cxtys.


Jazz: eggs, bacon, grilled tomato, beans 25

Kwaito: eggs, bacon, tomato, mushroom, mini steak, beans 38
Fusion: mushroom on toast 26
Omelettes: fillings – onion (3), ham (6), mushroom (5), tomato (4), bacon (10), peppers (7), cheese (9)
Oorkant: Continental Breakfast (Buffet) 35
Cereal: Muesli/Corn Flakes/Rice Crispies/All Bran

Yoghurt: Variety
Muffins/Croissants/Danish Pastries/Scones
Sliced Fruits
Assorted Breads, Cheese Board

Light meals

Pesto Chicken 28

Cheese & Tomato 18
Bacon, Avo & Cheese 24

Tazz: chicken livers with peri peri sauce on pita bread 28
Velocity: BBQ chicken wings with seasonal greens 32

Nanana: creamy garlic snails on broschetta 36

Chiawelo: greek salad 30
Orlando: warm asian beef salad 28

Dube: ceaser salad with avo (choice of chicken/prawns) 35

Logic: spinach &feta 30

Gringo: chicken &mayo 35
Ode: tuna & mayo 28
Stena: bacon & egg 36

Lambo: lamb curry 48

R8: lamb chops (garlic mash green beans red wine sauce) 48
M6: prawns with rice/chips (garlic sauce & peri-peri sauce) 65

DBS: grilled fish crumbed potato & lemon butter sauce & garden vegetables 49
Carrera 4S: grilled chicken/beef kebabs with rice/chips 43
Ferrarri: fillet steak spinach & mushroom sauce with pap/rice/ chips 65
Masserati: tagliette pasta with chicken/beef mushroom & basil pesto 38


All served with chips & side salad
Beef Burger 40
Chicken Burger 35
Extras – bacon (10), cheese (7), pineapple (5)

Tropical Fruit Salad: 16
Ice Cream: 18
Malva Pudding with Custard: 24

Hot drinks
Tea (herbal/cylon): 8
Coffee (decaf/filter: 8
Espresso (single): 9

(double): 11
Hot chocolate: 13
Milo: 13
Cappuccino/Café latte: 13

cold berverages
Cordials (tot): 5
Valpre Mineral Water (Still/Sparkling): 8

Soda’s: 10

Appletizer / Grapetizer: 12
Juice (Variety): 12

Ice tea: 12
(Small): 10

(Large): 15
Smoothies (Variety): 15

For more information see details alongside.

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