7 Daily Life Hacks

There are somethings in life that annoy us in small ways we do not always notice. But why let ourselves get annoyed when we could resolve these things by following some of these incredible life hacks.

7 daily life hacks

Defog your mirror

If you have a hairdryer in your bathroom, you can easily defog your mirror by giving it a quick cool dry. This is most convenient when travelling and staying in a hotel since most hotel bathrooms have a hairdryer. If you don’t have a hairdryer in your bathroom you can prevent fogging by wiping your mirror with shaving cream, vinegar, dish soap or car wax – to name a few.

Velcro your rugs

Almost every home has a rug somewhere in the house and it can become annoying when the rug keeps on moving and sliding all over the place. Luckily, most small rugs come with a rubber back making them easier to wash and also easier to add a velcro strip on the bottom of each corner and on the floor parallel to it to prevent sliding and moving.

Mend dents in wooden floors

Despite how impossible this may seem, science backs it up. Steam from the iron and a wet cloth or paper towel expands the wood where the dent is. It’s best to try this technique out on a small area that is not as noticeable the first time… and the best part is, it only takes three to five minutes! Go to this website for step-by-step instructions.


Separate your popcorn from unpopped kernels

Most of us are most probably still trying to master how to make the perfect bag of microwave popcorn without the unpopped kernels or burnt popcorn. Most times, when you try to get all the kernels popped, that’s when burning happens. To still enjoy unburnt popcorn without the kernels, separate the opening of the bag just enough to make the kernels fall out then shake the bag upside down over a bowl.

Staple remover miracle

We have all struggled with adding or removing a key to a key ring. We either risk ruining a perfect manicure or accidentally stabbing ourselves with the key ring tip. Instead of all this risk, use a staple remover to easily open up the ring, hold and remove or add a key. No fingernail disasters and no hustles.

Trash bag suction hack

If you don’t have four arms, some muscle and good squat skills, putting in a bag in your trashcan will prove to be quite a challenge due to the vacuum that prevents the bag from easily sliding out. Drill a few holes on the sides of the trashcan to decrease air pressure – however, make sure to drill the holes at the lower sides of the trashcan not the bottom, as that could lead to leaking.

Flip flop save

Overtime, with wear and tear, our flip flop straps tend to break through the hole on the bottom of the sole. We have all probably tried a million solutions to keep wearing them despite the tearing. However, one solution sure to work effectively is using a bread clip to keep the flip flop from slipping through the hole. Works like a charm!

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