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With more than 15 years of experience, Dalene’s Photography is built on enthusiasm, initiative and she strives for perfection.

Photography services include, but are not limited to:

Special Occasions:

Whether it’s a wedding or a christening

Whether it’s pre-school graduation or university graduation

Whether it’s a bamitzah or Yom Kippur

Whether it’s in love or in death

Dalene’s talents and special effects will bring your images to life… forever.


Your mind is the only place you can store everything you experience and see,

From birth to matric

From ballet recitals to karate finals,

However, you can’t share them with others.

Let Dalene help you share those memories for years to come.


Need a portfolio for the interview?

Need a portrait to hang above the mantelpiece?

Dalene’s stills will hang in there for an eternity.


Do you have a passion for aircraft – new or vintage – in flight or on show?

Do you dream of flying over land hills and mountains?

Are you soaring to new horizons?

Dalene can help you reach your destination.


Capture the love of 3 generations,

Capture the excitement of your team’s 1st tournament…

Capture the growth of your business team…

…Moments to treasure.


Ever wondered what you would have looked like as a Voortrekker or Ginger Rodgers or a Stage cowgirl??

Wanting to model your radiant pregnant belly or stage as a calendar girl????

Or just looking for that something different!

Dalene will help to make your dreams a reality.

Special & Corporate Events:

From X-Caliber awards, to sale team mug shots,

From class en-year functions to corporate golf days.

Dalene will lay the day’s memories and achievements for all to see.

Dalene’s Photography has a mobile studio that could be assembled on site or on location, all to suit the client’s requirements.

For more information contact Dalene to find out more about her incredible packages.

Dalene believes in excellence, value for money and lots of fun!

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