Dark Choc Bourbon Marshmallow Marie Biscuit Bacon S’mores

This dessert is the closest we will come to being enlightened. Bourbon, bacon and dark chocolate all in one recipe. Oh, my. We would like to introduce to you the Bourbon marshmallow marie biscuit s’more, topped with crispy bacon and dark chocolate.


This is a two part recipe that’s worth all the effort. This is the ultimate guys’ dessert, but ladies don’t be shy – you’ll enjoy it too.

Boozy Marshmallow Marie Biscuit S’moore:

  • 1 bag of your favourite marshmallows – skip on the roasted coconut for today
  • 90ml of your favourite bourbon – we prefer Maker’s Mark (so good)
  • 1 packet of marie biscuits

Start by melting a bag of Marshmallows in the microwave. Once melted add two fingers of your favourite bourbon to the stickiness and stir it in. This should be done fairly quickly before the mallows start setting again. Sandwich the marshmallow/bourbon mixture between two marie biscuits and place your s’mores aside.

Dark, Seductive Bacon

  • 1 packet of streaky bacon
  • 1 slab dark chocolate

Grease a pan up with some butter and brown that bacon, baby. While that’s going let’s get the chocolate melted. In a bain marie (it’s a pot filled with boiling water with another pot placed on top into the water to heat delicate foods, so fancy) melt the dark chocolate, making sure the heat is not too hot.

It all Comes Together

Place a bourbon s’mores on a plate, drizzle over the melted dark chocolate and top off with some bacon. Serve.

Recipe inspired by How Sweets Eat.


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