Delicious, Decadent Burgers At Dukes

If it’s a gourmet burger you want, it’s a gourmet burger you’ll get. Dukes is one of the best burger joints in town – and it doesn’t just cater to carnivores, either! Vegetarians and vegans alike will love the creations that come out of Dukes’ kitchen!

Juicy, round and enormous! These are probably the best words to describe the burgers that you get at Dukes – well, besides delicious and mouth-watering, of course. It’s no surprise that this burger spot has become renowned as one of the best in town!

Big burgers, great variations, seasonal ingredients and freshly-baked buns are just a taste of what Dukes has to offer. Their philosophy is simple: great burgers – something which they understand is not necessarily limited to meat. Vegetarians and vegans alike need not shy away from this restaurant as there are plenty of meat- and animal product-free options, which are just as delicious as their carnivorous counterparts.

It’s easy for diners to feel spoiled for choice when browsing through the menu because of the wide variety. The burger toppings come in many shapes and sizes, all available to accommodate every taste out there! If you’re building your own burger, it’s easy to go wild! Choose your patty and top it with whatever your heart desires and you’re good to go!

My personal favourite is a pre-made burger option called the Fidel Castro – it’s a beef patty grilled in tequila served with delicious jalapenos, spicy tomato and baby corn salsa toppings. Try it out!

All the burgers at Dukes are served with a side of chips, sweet potato wedges or salad, and they’re not shy with their sides either! It’s no joke when I say you’ll have to roll yourself out of the restaurant!

So, if you’re looking for a quality gourmet burger then look no further. This burger joint and their generous portions will have you coming back for more. Just make sure you arrive starving!

By Mutale Changa

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