Delight In Something Sweet Or Savoury At Olivias

The team was looking for the perfect place to enjoy a scrumptious lunch and to celebrate our Chief Entertainment Officer, Ryan’s birthday … so, naturally, we popped into Olivias Coffee Bake in Northcliff. If you haven’t been there yet, the question is … why not? It’s great for a rendezvous with friends, a relaxed lunch for two or, of course, a team outing.

Olivias Coffee Bake is owned by John Killas, and is a restaurant and bakery all rolled into one (so you can definitely expect to find the aroma of freshly-baked scones and croissants in the air). John also owns Jo Bean Coffee and Waffle House, where they sell the increasingly-popular wonut. For those of you that don’t know, it’s a cross between a donut and a waffle … and it is heavenly!

Delight In Something Sweet Or Savoury At Olivias

Anyway, back to Olivias – the venue has quirky food-related words plastered on the walls … personally I think it just adds to the warm look and feel of the place. Something else that I have to mention is the fact that the place was buzzing – there were people coming and going and the atmosphere felt busy and social.

You’ll probably be happy to know that on these hot spring days (though it does feel like we’ve skipped over spring and gone straight into summer), you can even enjoy your meal at Olivias outside on the terrace, where the misters are sure to keep you nice and cool, however, we decided to enjoy our lunch inside … close to all the sweet and savoury goodies.

Delight In Something Sweet Or Savoury At Olivias

The menu itself contains anything and everything from salads and light meals to sandwiches and a vast array of breakfast dishes. To start off with, I had a cappuccino (which I know seems ludicrous in this weather … but I just couldn’t resist). I also ordered their chicken nuggets with tangy mayo and a salad (you can swap that salad for chips if you like), which was surprisingly filling. It was under their Light Meals section but, then again, I might just be a small eater. Either way, it was super-tasty!

My colleague, Kim, decided to go with a vanilla latte and the chicken strips, tangy mayo and chips, which she says she really enjoyed. She also made sure to mention that the chicken was tender and full of flavour, and that the chips where just the right level of crunch (on the outside) and softness (on the inside).

Delight In Something Sweet Or Savoury At Olivias

Between getting our drinks and our meals, we had plenty of time to chat and to get to know each other better – I could tell that the rest of the team had as great a time as I did. Needless to say, the next time we have a birthday to celebrate, we’re definitely going back to Olivias!

By Nicole Naidoo

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