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Assertiveness skills include expressing and accepting personal rights and responsibilities, making direct requests and refusals, determining limitations, reinforcing verbal messages with non-verbal ones, giving and receiving praise, expressing disagreement and anger, and confronting others.


Workshop outcomes:

– Assessing communication styles
– Understanding the principles of effective communication
– Formulating an assertive communications strategy
– Eliminating barriers to effective communication
– Understanding the concept of assertiveness
– Assertiveness techniques
– The ower of advanced listening
– Rules and strategies for assertive behaviour
– Understanding personalities and how to handle perceptions and interpretations
– Risks and benefits in becoming assertive
– Owning your assertiveness
– Developing personal assertive techniques
– Understanding your personality type
– Giving and accepting criticism
– Handling aggression and conflict

Training objectives:
-Understand the nature of communication in business

-Improve professional communication

-Establish and improve communication style

-Practice assertive behaviours through verbal, vocal and visual techniques

-Address assertiveness issues in both professional and corporate environments

-Learn the nuances of etiquette and how it relates to assertiveness and self-esteem

-Resolve conflicts

-Improve relationships

DNA Workshops: Dynamic Telephone Skills, Strategic Time Management, People Management Skills, Taming Conflict, Business Communication, Cultural Diversity, Dynamic PA/ Secretary, Professional Sales, Professional Telesales and Team Building. We also offer a variety of Motivational Talks and Topics!

This workshop teaches powerful tools for assertiveness and allows individuals to discover techniques on how to be an assertive communicator.

There are times when we tend to be too passive and more often than not there are times when we are aggressive communicators. This causes break downs in communication, conflict and ultimately weakens teams, productivity, respect levels and company profits.

Delegates will assess their areas of strength and growth in this critical skill. They will understand how social styles affect assertive behaviours and thus benefit by learning steps for conflict resolution. Overall it will enhance assertiveness skills for immediate on-the-job use!

Who should attend?

Associates, Business Professionals, Account Controllers, Team Leaders and Individual Contributors who want to acquire the essential assertiveness skills. On-site training can be tailored to meet the organisation’s needs.

Workshop information and costs:
Date: Monday, 21st September and Tuesday, 20th October from 08h00 until 16h00
Venue: Farmhouse Guest Lodge, Randburg
Cost: R1750.00 Per person excluding VAT. (Note discounts are available for more than two delegates and in-house costing is available for 3 or more delegates.)

The cost includes training with set objectives, detailed participant material, individual feedback and assessment, delegate certificates, buffet lunch with light refreshments, tea, coffee and snacks.

For further information follow the links alongside.

Accreditation details:
Accrediting Body: Services Seta

Decision Number: SETQAA 2007

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