Design Quarter Is The Place To Be Seen

The fair city of Johannesburg is filled with some of the most creative people on the planet. Just take a trip to downtown Jozi and you will see cool kids, fashion-forward fashionistas and flamboyant artists flank Marshall Street. But if you’re looking for all things design, then your best bet is Design Quarter in Fourways. 


If you fancy yourself a master of feng shui, a dab hand in interior design and a lover of décor, then Design Quarter is the place for you. The retail destination provides an incredible opportunity for support, advice and one-on-one service from some of South Africa’s most celebrated decorators and retail outlets.

If you are looking for inspiration – be it for your kitchen reno or living room revamp – check out the latest trends, styles and design ideas on offer at this magnificent open-air plaza. Foodies shouldn’t feel left out. Come hungry and enjoy bites from the Kitchen Bar and Mythos – one of our favourite Greek restaurants. There are over twenty different retailers, such as Bakos Brothers and Cottonwood to name a few, situated in this beautifully designed compound, which also hosts office space to boot.

Design Quarter is not only about premium home décor, it has developed its own microcosm within a larger lifestyle vertex, boasting a gym, Cycle Lab, a golf shop, a spa and vehicle showrooms.

So, if you are a decor hothead and a fashion fundie who enjoys all things top-notch, then Design Quarter is the place for you. Do us a favour, check it out and let us know what you think of this hip and happening space in Fourways.

By Shawn Greyling

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